Who wants to play at a festival? Who wants to let the bass drop and see thousands of “happy” fans go retarded as the sound kicks them into the circle sitting on the ground behind them? Who wants to shoot lazers from your speakers into their eyeballs? Well of course we do, but until then, play these tracks really loud and pretend. Lemme break it down for ya:

New remix from the Dada boys, get ready to romp n stomp.
If Minimal, Fidget and Tribal all had a big ravey dance off.
Two Tracks you absolutely need if your Big Room DJ.
Get the dynamite and the glowsticks out – these are the fire starters.
Another dirty ass Siren-Horn sounding pulse track. Highbloo is the TITS.
Look out for these 3 tracks coming very soon. These guys are tearing it up right now, expect Zipper to be a well-supported track early next year.




4 Responses to LET’S RAVE NOVEMBER

  1. jonahberry says:

    oooo retro GDD pic! love it.

  2. Bastille says:

    Great post

  3. Mehmet Aslan says:

    great post indeed, thanks!

    ps: u should check that yellow font, @google reader you don't see anything on white background :)

  4. neversleepagain says:

    mom & dad, hardvard bass remix? oh me oh my..

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