White Gurrlzz

ATL’s freshest kids from White Light recs just sent over an exclusive joint called “White Girls”, which matches their talent for rapping over an infectious b-more inspired bassline with a hint of southern swag. We here at GDD thought it to be a great idea to collab with White Light to bring you our first remix competition after they said that AC Slater, Klever, and others are going to be working on it, so we figured why not give our faithful readers a shot at the big leagues. While official rules/prizes/etc have not been established, I have the acappella so if you’re really really eager to get to work, shoot me an email at troykurtz@mac.com

Harry O + o8o + Smiles – White Girls



2 Responses to White Gurrlzz

  1. Anonymous says:

    This shit's terrible, who listens to these guys in the first place?

  2. Anonymous says:

    let's hope a remix can save at least a little part of this song.
    because this;
    this is almost unforgivable.

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