SNEEVS – What is a Banger? (Moombah + Pon De Floor + Lyposuct)

Edit the Afrojack remix of Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie’s “Moombah,” the CCC remix of Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” and D.I.M. & TAI’s “Lyposuct” into a single cohesive 8 minutes and you’ve got an (admittedly slightly outdated by a few weeks) answer to a question someone has actually asked ///BONES before,

What is a banger?

SNEEVS – What is a Banger? (Moombah + Pon De Floor + Lyposuct)

I put this together a bit ago with the intention of clarifying this pressing issue in electronic music. In addition to this, dear readers, I ask you to consider the following question as well in your listening:

What is a mixtape?”

Do three songs spliced together qualify as a mix, edit, segmented mashup or other? Could we see a trend towards more frequent releases of shorter mixes as a result of how new music is reaching people today? Should someone disable my record function on Traktor before I maim again?

Comment and let us know. Nothing dirtier than a little reader input, readers!

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16 Responses to SNEEVS – What is a Banger? (Moombah + Pon De Floor + Lyposuct)

  1. Bastille says:

    You could call it a bootleg

  2. Anonymous says:

    traktor? that's too bad..

  3. Gooffee says:

    it would be useful for promo, but that's about it. i'd hate to see dj's start using these little mixes in their sets.

  4. BONES says:

    This is definitely a banger Steves, ha, but with 3 songs and the way you mixed them one after another, I'd say its a mini-mix, much like a sampler/album mix artists may use for promo (if it were all there tracks).

  5. WiKy says:

    i would call that banger a mini-mix too. i feel like all these mixes every dj (including myself) puts out are helping music become more free and less restricted by copyrights and accessibility. thats how music should be anyway. so thanks for sharing SNEEVS!

    and as for dj's using mini mixes in their sets, i would say a dj's primary role is sounding good to the crowd. if a little mix like this helps a dj sound good, then that dj should use it. call it cheating? no, its just using your best tools to sound better. just like beat matching with a computer to sound cleaner than beat matching with needles.
    if a dj wants to consider themselves an artist, they have to creatively innovate like an artist. they have to invent a better sound/performance/show.
    – wiky
    i share music too.

  6. stevie.e says:

    thanks for all the input guys! I'm glad you brought up the idea of "cheating" wiky, I originally was going to pose that question. One of the reasons I decided to make this was after learning that (allegedly) SebastiAn uses the same kind of premixed and recorded tracks of three songs on burnt CD's, which to be honest kind of broke my heart. apparently this is more common than you'd think, I believe Judge Jules got caught for playing out and leaving the decks for a second to have a song mix itself. goofee, I agree, it'd be a shame if more people started using things like this live. I do like the idea of the promo aspect of it, for illustrative or demonstrative purposes I think it works pretty well. the aesthetic was definitely drawn from the minimix style.

    playing out live, however, I don't see any reason to not just mix it then and there, especially songs that you're familiar with like this.

    and finally, anonymous, why hate? I've lived in Berlin for the last two months and can safely say that every DJ I've seen in Berlin mixing digital has been on traktor and there's no arguing with the underground dancefloors of some of the finest and filthiest clubs in the world. what are you advocating here?

  7. verronica10 says:

    You have a great blog
    Why would anybody say it that way, you can easily get your point across in a polite and courteous way. Lets all just get a long.

    wow gold

  8. Anonymous says:

    im not gonna hate on traktor but i dont think this is a banger at all, i hear annoying high pitched BLEEP BLEEP PEEEOOO PEEEOOO over and over again with blown out subwoofers in the background. blogs need to stop posting no-talent electro songs like lyposuct and pon de floor and even deadmau5's new i need a ladder. ok ya he uses zelda theme song, omg thats SO cool.. not. there IS such a thing as MELODIC electro bangers.

  9. Gooffee says:


  10. Alexander says:

    woh why hate so hard, just since you don't like a song, the mix is pretty good man.

    uber mini mix tape?
    i like!

  11. Cam Francisco™ says:

    Anonymous is hating on some incredible production, but I have to agree that 'banger' is better reserved for tracks like 'Lyposuct' with a little more midrange. Lee and I have been calling tracks like 'Pon de Floor' 'squeakers'.

  12. Andy Jaeger says:

    "What does the scanner say about his power level?"

    "It's over 9000!!!!!!!"

    annnd DROP!

  13. Charlie says:

    For a sure a mini mix and nothing else. i completely agree with stevie this should be mixed on the spot and never played out live. yes it may make your performance seem more powerful and inventive on the receiving level but for the dj playing these kinds of tracks is without a doubt a cop-out and shows a deep sense of laziness. (And you are intentionally deceiving the crowd.) DJing is about putting your ALL into the performance, transferring every ounce of your energy to the crowd, which I believe should be accomplished through live beatmatching AND inventive mixing. I will concede that this CAN also be done with an Ableton Live + TriggerFinger type performance, but it better be a hell of a mindblowing set with a quick and smooth flow! 😉

  14. matthew says:

    all the aforementioned (relevant and irrelevant) hoopla aside, I like it, whatever "it" is eventually coined as.

  15. Bastille says:

    Yeah, I see no need to play this premixed. I would just be somewhat bored as a DJ standing there while the computer did it for me. Great mix by the way, especially the transition into CCC.

  16. His Holiness Pope Salty I says:

    What is a mixtape?

    I wasn't sure, so I looked it up. Here is what I found…

    mixtape (n.): 1. A collection of music compiled for the purpose of showing a chick how cool, underground and/or hip you are, with the hopes of impressing your way into her pants.

    2. A collection of music, mixed in and around the general area of the beat, compiled for the purpose of showing the manager/owner of a club how much better of a DJ you are than their current resident.

    Despite the name, mixtapes generally come in the form of a compact disc, which is handy, since they tend to end up as coasters and/or frisbees, because, as it turns out, the sensitivity you showed with the John Mayer and the edginess you demonstrated with that Midnight Juggernauts track did not state itself quite as obviously in her mind as the pathetic, broke-ass-ness you exposed to her by actually thinking a damn mixtape was gonna get you that kootchy.

    Don Diablo doesn't get you laid; Don Diablo gets Don Diablo laid.

    Oh, and by the way, you didn't get the DJ gig, either.

    Turns out they gave the residency to Don Diablo.

    …Hope that helps.

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