GDD™ Exclusive: John Roman – Ready For This

Whether you are Ready For This or not, GDD™ favorite, John Roman is going to naa naa naa na na na na nananana…DROP IT! According to John he has been opening with this this lately and describes it as Herve meets Duck Sauce. I personally hear the duck sauce influence, but this is definitely a pure bred John Roman track and one of my favorite. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out our interview with John, you can find that here!
And if you missed his remix of “Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads will roll” due to all the hype surrounding A-trak’s remix, here is John Roman’s Re-work.
[don’t tell a-trak, but i think this remix puts his to shame…my favorite heads will roll mix for sure!]



11 Responses to GDD™ Exclusive: John Roman – Ready For This

  1. sugarmercy says:

    John Roman is ridiculously good. Mad props to GDD for being on the up and up with all his stuff. Everyone else in the world is sleeping. Blasphemy!

  2. Jason says:

    Digiraatii probably has one of the best Heads Will Roll remixes yet.

    I wasn't much a fan of A-Trak's remix.
    all very creative in their own way and I respect each one of them.
    though everyone is entitled their own opinion.

  3. Christopher Manasserian says:

    rofl i said the exact same thing when I posted the heads will roll track on my blog a week and a half ago haha . John Romans remix is the shittttt

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aww where did the link for the YYY's remix go??

  5. Phil LaPier says:

    yeah, can someone put up a link?

  6. Anonymous says:

    a-trak's remix of heads will roll is easily the best imo, but i dig the JR mix too.

  7. Vin says:

    yeah lovin it! John Roman Kickin Some Ass.

  8. Anonymous says:

    this is the a-trak rmx unless im very much mistaken, the likeness is uncanny its a very subtle re-remix

  9. Anonymous says:

    listened again, i was very much mistaken, shame on me and a-trak lol

  10. Phil LaPier says:

    Awesome, Thanks Troy!

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