Classixx classic tunes

GDD™ favorites Classixx never disappoint us. Their remixes always bring a smile to my face, usually slowing down the chaos and adding in a warm weather, sun is shining, groovy vibe. If you have been living under a rock, or are a little slow to the draw and don’t have that much classixx, I highly recommend you arm yourself with all of their releases. If you’re trying to woo some cutie patooties, make a CD chocked full of Classixx remixes and drop it off with a wink. Beyond this point GDD™ isn’t responsible for any ill-conceived children, accidents, or sexual diseases…just good music.
If you missed our previous interview with them, check it out here
Tyler and Michael are also about to embark on a gnarly tour all throughout Europe and other parts of the world; we wish them the best. You can find all their tour dates on their myspace.
make sure you grab the Drop the Lime Classixx Remix from Jonah’s post below!!



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  1. Ubbs says:

    such a good ep, was released back in april :) fav is the acid girls lick

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