Grey Ghost

pic: TheStyleShark

It’s been a while since we’ve been haunted by San Diego’s Grey Ghost, but in the meantime, both of his remixes have been featured everywhere from nightmagnets to RCRD LBL. Enthusiasts of Work it Baby-style nu disco should run, not walk, to download his latest remixes of progressive house act Cryophonik and electropop quartet Ladytron.



4 Responses to Grey Ghost

  1. aRod says:

    damn, i been friggin' diggin' Grey Ghost's shit. these two + the Felix remix have been top notch.

  2. Flecksible says:

    Grey Ghost IS Nasty This Essence Link Aint Workin Tho?

  3. askammer says:

    ladytron remix is cleeeeean

  4. Michelle says:

    Only hearing this now


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