Calvin Harris – Flashback (David Guetta Remix)

pic: Anthony Verrilli

I’ve never been the biggest fan of David Guetta’s chart-topping electro house, but this remix of Calvin Harris’ new single “Flashback” is quite, for lack of a better word, the banger, blowing the Eric Prydz remix out of the water. David Guetta skeptics, let me know what you think.



8 Responses to Calvin Harris – Flashback (David Guetta Remix)

  1. Bürgerlobby says:

    Wow, seems that there is still something in David Guetta i thought was lostt. He should stop producing that charts-stuff and come back to the scene again.

  2. decius says:

    personally i think it sucks( might be a harsh word) but maybe it's just not my style, i think he could have been a litle more creative with this one

  3. Anonymous says:

    david guetta makes these kind of songs who are just good for a crowd to get movin .. good for dancing..
    guess thats one part electronic music if for^^

  4. Lauren E. says:

    Better than the Eric Prydz version and Guetta's recent stuff

  5. Anonymous says:

    it does say just david guetta… but he had afrojack work on this track for him/with him but paid him to use as his own…

  6. Anonymous says:

    how can you say that its better than the eric prydz one. this sucks! that damn annoying sound got old in 1 minute. this isnt even a remix of the song, he has just added in some noise in the beginning

  7. futuristicsilence says:

    it sounded very cheesy and unimaginative, but would get masses of people dancing — no doubt about it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is standard Guetta = utter shite!!!

    There no way back for this man in my eyes, he should stick to the charts were he can only damage his own "underground" reputation.

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