Tomorrow Night @ the Dragonfly

Alright alright so we have one more event for you tomorrow night at the Dragonfly on Santa Monica BLVD. There are some superb up and coming acts going to be performing including Good Luck At The Gunfight, Pance Party, Valerna, and GDD’s ///BONES, along with a live art show featuring some excellent artists. So if you feel shitty after your first day of work/school this week, spend an easy 5$ and come unwind to some good tunage and grab yourself a few 2$ PBRs. I know I will.



2 Responses to Tomorrow Night @ the Dragonfly

  1. nick says:

    Holy… s**t !!!

    I waited for too long for a great track like that again !!!!

  2. nick says:

    btw i meant that Valerna mix, as you may already probbably think.

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