Part of the Summer Never Dies…

We’re at it again, so grab your babes, beach balls, blunts, booze, boardies and head to the Los Angeles Downtown Standard for what should be another smashing good time. Weather is saying 80 with clear skys with a good chance of killer music and awesome vibes.
We’re joined by our friendly neighborhood blogs: Missingtoof, Binary, KenyaDig, Tilt, and Tuftsmania. Also GDD™ buddies Pance Party will be playin’ with the decks, so don’t miss out.
There will be live art by the hear gallery, live music, and lively beautiful people.
Check it out on facebook here!
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2 Responses to Part of the Summer Never Dies…

  1. matt says:

    it was 9 degrees celsius in berlin this morning. fml.

  2. stevie.e says:

    I think that les petit and boys noize in the same weekend stole all the heat for the next week. there's just not enough to go around… :(

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