Herve’s House: CHEAP THRILLS

Herve finally drops his much anticipated Cheap Thrills: Volume 1, filled with the ghetto bass and dirty dubs of his recent and new works, along with new artists that he has produced for. I’m sure you dirty dancers have some of the tracks on the full album, but heres a few you BASS HEAVY homicides you probably wanna rumble in your jungle. CHEAP. THRILLS.

• Herve & Jack Beats – Rainstick (Herve’s Monsoon Mix) (link removed by request)
• Martelo – Wasted (feat. Herve) (link removed by request)
• Trevor Loveys – Organ Grinder (Herve’s Big B. Morgan Mix) (link removed by request)



3 Responses to Herve’s House: CHEAP THRILLS

  1. Afflicted Wolf says:

    Congrats on Love to Detboi!!!!!!

  2. Ubbs says:

    ahh got your hands on it eh very good little comp

  3. mr. whiskers says:

    Oh my god, Rainstick is a BEAST! I can't wait to drop this!

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