Nocturnal Festival In a Nut Shell: a BONES adventure.

(all pictures taken with my lil cam)

Aside from being a slacking blogger I still love to share the best. To to share a bite size of what my saturday night was like at the 2009 nocturnal festival, taking place in beautiful (ahem) San Bernadino, California. (It actually was great weather) With media/photo passes to myself, GDD took Nocturnal by one man storm. After the 2 hour wait on the 10/215 freeway change (and the retardation of parking at raves) I got the privilege of taking great photos onstage, and I had time to ask a couple questions to a few familiar names:
Me: What do you like most about playing in California?
RUSKO: Everything, thats why I moved out here!
Me: What? Really? You moved here?
RUSKO: Haha, Yeah man, everything for this music is in LA.
Me: You were absolutely brutal man, LA loves you – you killed it!
RUSKO: Haha thanks man, I’m a Cali-resident now, you know that!

and Dave Taylor….
Me: Do you think there is a decline of dubstep in the UK with all the thriving genres of electronic music there? Do you think maybe thats why the dubstep scene has become so popular in the states?
Switch: (Laughs) …What do you think?
Me: I think no one can stop the dubstep.
Switch: (Laughs) Well there you have it man, grab yourself a drink. (motions towards his bucket of alcoholic treasures)
Me: Is it true afrojack is suing diplo for stealing the ‘pon de floor’ riddim and giving him no credit?
Switch: I’ve actually heard about that yeah… (laughs)

Heres your dose cadets:
Murdering the dub stage at 1 in the morning, Rusko brought the bass pain we know and love, and He was a really cool guy to talk with. This jam is that pure filth.
This is a Switch mash up from his essential mix, cutting up Jayou’s ‘Crack Hands’ and Major Lazer’s ‘Keep it goin louder,’ Then dropping into the dubby King Jammy’s ‘Judgement Day.’ He was hilarious to meet and stuff like this makes him above the curve.
Laidback Luke was the best performance by far, owning the crowd by clashing his rave anthem house tracks with fresh new electro jams we all know and love. Here was the kicker though, in all its California Massive glory.
The hypnotizing of Dirty South brought the crowd into that 2am-4am trance that he loves to finish the rave tents off with, leaving you in a satisfiable coma when you hear him close with this song.




17 Responses to Nocturnal Festival In a Nut Shell: a BONES adventure.

  1. Bastille says:

    Is Afrojack actually suing? I've been telling all my friends here that are obssesed with Pon Di Floor and 'Daggering' that Diplo's been full of shit this whole time.

  2. troy! says:

    sicky post trev!

  3. jonahberry says:

    winner. haha love daves finger point.

  4. Anonymous says:

    can anybody tell me where I can get this King Jammy's 'Judgement day'? Can't find it aaaanywhere!

  5. DeezNasty says:

    wish i coulda been there with u bru, my fever would have put all the artists under the weather for a few days..

  6. mikeydontknow says:

    "no one can stop the dubstep"

    quote of the year

    btw this is that kid who sent you the drunken stories to go to that opening party but couldnt go coz im too young

  7. Afflicted Wolf says:

    a. afrojack – Moombah (it was posted on gotta dance dirty)
    so similar to major lazer – pon de floor.

    b. Rusko is in CA wtf?!

  8. BONES says:

    anonymous Im looking every where for the king jammy track, its so hard to find haha… the Jayou track is actually 'Crack Hands (Genetic Crew Remix)' …FYI :)

  9. Phil says:

    By the way, I'm not sure what you're talking about; dubstep is ridiculously big at the moment in the UK – it has completely blown up. The Skream remix of La Roux actually went Gold on downloads!

    Great Rusko track.

  10. The KiD says:

    TRREVVSS!!! Makin me jealous man, damn jealous.

  11. Nick (Afrojack) says:

    No i'm not suing, i also never mensioned anything to the likes of that and by far never said diplo stole sh*t, im saying it again, or you can check it on my blog (;

    – difficultys between the label and my side,

    – the raw first version was made by diplo and me, and as far as i know later re-edited, co-produced further / mastered by the one and only switch (who btw made some sick tunes over the year)

    – diplo is not full of shit, he started the major lazer project and asked me to co-op something with him, and with that gave me a huge chance

    – the blog is not written to burn noone, just to explain to all the idiot people who think they know whats going on how it actually is

    – the track wás made for the major lazer album, would just come out in holland with a different mix (how i like it vox) so it would have bigger promo for me in my homeland, although the track got so big it was later decided that it wouldnt be changed

    – diplo didn't shit me, i didn't shit him

    i'm not wasting time, money and taxpayer money to sue anybody and i'm just happy that even though my credits arent mentioned everywhere, the track gets played out through the world, and is having such a big impact in the clubs, blogs and everywhere,

    maybe politically correct but true, dont forget the road to some things in life are just as much or sometimes even more fun then the things itself!

    this road was a bit crazyer but think about it, whats more fun; having a club-hit record or seeing diplo eat saurkraut in your attic bedroom-studio?

    by the way this is the last youll be hearing from me about this bullshit. if you want some more fun newsthings look me up on twitter..

    PEACE and i'm out

  12. BONES says:

    Wow. Bravo. What a great response, better than I wouldve ever asked for! A thousand thanks man, keep crushing it and well keep hypin your sound :)

  13. Bastille says:

    Well shit… that explains it.

  14. stevie.e says:


    Thanks so much for taking the time to clear that up.

    Everyone else, check out his blog post on the matter here:

    Afrojack's Blog Post On The Matter

    Sorry about the confusion!

  15. WHOOPI says:

    Nocturnal was Bonkers, I stayed backstage and frontstage of the dubstep stage the whole time!

    Gotta find that hide and seek(rusko remix) that was dropped that night. It was craze!

  16. Tim says:

    Yo the Judgement Day Track is 6Blocc – New Dimension.

  17. CareyB says:

    Nice little interview, and your are right about Switch – and that mash up is one of the best tunes from the essential mix, which is saying something.

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