Grimey Grumey Beats

Recently I’ve been listening to a lotta Grum, and in honor of Grum, i have been keeping it grimey. Its imperative that we all go showerless, wear the same briefs from the dirty dancing night before, and same funky socks to get the most out of this music. Dedication is key for anything worth while in life. Grum is from Leeds and therefore doesn’t make it over to north america much, but if you happen to be abroad and stumble upon a tour date, i highly suggest you take the time to check it out. Believe me, the tunes will take you where you want to go!
And here come the tunes…
• Grum – Heartbeats (Extended Mix) (link removed by request)
I figured since we are on the verge of a new Chromeo album, and the first single is quite a goodie (bit darker than Fancy Footwork, but with all the groove), i’d throw it in for ya…lemme know what you think!
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2 Responses to Grimey Grumey Beats

  1. caisa says:

    You can create your own mix @ Point Blank Music Machine! It's fun, easy and FREE!


  2. ick nick says:

    i love to get grummy
    gotta groove grummy

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