When you think of Kansas City, you might think of jazz, blues, and bbq, but KC ringleader Spinstyles wants to add a fury of bass to the mix. Of all the ‘Pon De Floor’ remixes floating around, I’ve yet to come across a dubstep production quite like this one. He retains the best aspects of the original track and fuses in some grimy low frequencies. He also sent along a great electro dance rendition of one of my all time fav rap songs. Keep an eye (ear) out for some big tings from the man from Kansas City.

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Spinstyles VIP Remix)
Spinstyles – Rip Shit Up



5 Responses to SPIN THIS

  1. Anonymous says:

    About time. He has so much potential.

  2. spin says:

    thanks for the love Troy… I will send ya some new stuff asap.

  3. PBnJ says:

    wow! this mix make pcp! cant stop playin

  4. Four Wheeled Coffin says:

    fuck yeah spin!!!!! good to see the GDD homies showin love to KC, keep it trill and let me know if you'd be interested in murdering BETA in denver, i could get it set up for sure.

  5. Music1 says:

    Find “Pon De Floor” @ iTunes here: http://bit.ly/69sPT

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