Happy birthday to ME! Luckily a night off to go party tonight, spinning at a cougar lounge in manhattan beach tomorrow then a killer house pawty friday at mi casa….. and so amped to be playing Saturday (3 – 4:30pm) at the Santa Barbara West Beach Festival! Here’s five little gifts for all you dirty dancers to wamp wamp on my birthday, everybody in the place.




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  1. Afflicted Wolf says:

    Happy Birthday Bones/// I just saw your name today on a flyer for the event (i live in Santa Barbara). Mind if we post a mix/or song/ do a feature of you on the website in honor of Saturday's Event (www.boppernation.com).
    -dave and jonah got my email, but just in case afflictedwolf@gmail.com

  2. Christophe_R says:

    Excellent post
    Happy BD
    Keep on blogging this way.

  3. Dan says:

    word, see you there. love the blog.

  4. Belinsky says:

    Happy birthday bones! Good tracks.

    Anyone else notice the striking similarities between the mau5's edit of California Lovin' and his edit of Harder Faster Better Stronger?

  5. DJ LOWCASH says:

    happy birthday!
    the dedmau5 california love isnt working for me !
    ny way i can get my hands onnit!?

  6. troy! says:

    dj lowcash- the alt link (•) for the mau5 track just worked for me

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol — he basically just replaced Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger with California knows how to party…

    I hope this isn't an official release from Deadmau5 — shit would be LAZYYYY

    Nice blog, though :)

  8. Jay says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the Deadmau/Dre track. That's sick.

    hope you have a good one!

  9. Anonymous says:

    its not an official mau5 edit. It's done by a guy named Zoltan Kontes. No Bullshit. look it up

  10. Aidenrn says:

    Yeah the Deadmau5 track isn't a deadmau5 remix. It's

    Deadmau5 & Dr Dre/Tupac – California Love(San Seranto Bootleg)

  11. lolski says:

    the intro of that deadmau5 & dr dre edit sounded almost exactly the same with his harder faster remix.

  12. Fid Frantic! says:

    Happy Birthday Mang! One of my favourite music blogs for sure….. I'm not just saying that !!!

  13. Primate King says:

    Quality tracks here m8! Keep 'em comin!

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