Felix Cartal-Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)

They’ve released another massive monster. The boys of Pance Party have been pumping out some great remixes in the past few months, and this time we get to have our ears pumped full of Felix Cartal‘s ‘Skeleton’. If you didn’t get to see our awesome interview with the guys earlier this summer, definitely check it out here. Also, pick up their entire EP ‘A Million Puppies’ in another previous post. Keep ’em coming fellas!

PS-Be sure to buy your tickets for DANCEiSM tomorrow night to see Felix Cartal in action! See post below for details :)



3 Responses to Felix Cartal-Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)

  1. troy! says:

    ZOMG eeeetz un MON-STAiRE

  2. DAFTWHO? says:

    god pance party are awesome

  3. Cam Francisco™ says:

    That Boo sample just unlocked my inner Asian.

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