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IS the day and age of the ‘banger’ dead? Will another noisy Italian duo emerge in the latter half of ’09 with hand claps, chain-saw synths and chest thumping bass? Eh, probably not…but the electro-fistpumper’s step cousin Mr. MNML has been garnering the attention of many of your favorite artists and DJs, so be on the lookout for some cleaner drumlines and more boops and tings. Enclosed for your listening pleasure are a few of my favorite in the ‘genre': NOOB, Afrojack, Lazy Jay, Pablo Decoder (highly recommend for any DJ who gets stuck with the late-night sets, or if you tend to play at a lot of raves)

Dance Area – AA 24/7 (NOOB Remix)
Lazy Jay – Float My Boat (Pablo Decoder Remix)
Afrojack – Polkedots



4 Responses to MNML TEK-HAUS

  1. stevie.e says:

    hey nice tracks! I'm planning on pretty much straight minimal for the next four months.

  2. Nevadical McRadical says:

    shits dope as fvvvvvck.

  3. troy! says:

    untz untz untz untz

  4. Belinsky says:

    we should all wear polkadots. but i don't think the age of the banger is over quite yet :)

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