Here in Los Angeles, we all wait til the many shows and festivals come our way to see the big guns of dance music, but what’s really special about the movement it cultivates is the younger, up and coming talent it produces into the ever-growing scene. Because Los Angeles is such a fragmented city, geographically and socially, there are many scenes and cultures that live and breathe in very separated worlds. What gives a great meeting ground between the diverse area is the connection with music and the ability to express yourself however you wish. (YAY freedom) LA is one of the best places for music and relative events, more importantly right now for electronic music.

What a better way to explain the Dance/Music/Art movement, known as DANCEiSM. Forging dance music and its artistic spirit, Danceism is the music festival for the people, by the people. That sounds cheesy, but it really is a collaborative event intended for the artist in all of us, started by LA native DJ, Ben Oprstu. He’s been throwing these events and making a name for himself with DANCEiSM as his driving force of success and popularity for everyone involved. Oprstu let us in on the event’s movement and mission:

– Is about bringing people together under the umbrella of Dance.

– Is about saying forget our divisions and let’s come together under something we can enjoy, DANCEING.

– Is a collective ground for people of all colors, creeds, and social backgrounds to meet and interact through dance. It is an event, a brand, and a collection of artists.

– Is for anyone, but not everyone. Meaning that our attitude is open towards all kinds of people no matter who you are (anyone), but we also realize that it’s not for every kind of person because we realize everyone is unique and for some DANCEiSM isn’t relevant to them (everyone).

This Friday’s DANCEiSM will feature the Trouble&Bass badboy AC SLATER, and GDD favorite/DIM MAK’s own FELIX CARTAL. Supporting them will be some of LA’s diamonds in the rough, with the likes of Audrey Napoloeon, Robot Love, MiCHAEL, Doc P, and the guy who started it all, Ben Oprstu. As for you expressionists, Danceism will also have live visuals, body paint, glow-in-the-dark bubbles, lazer installations and an expression wall that anyone cant paint, draw and write on. The event is taking place @ LOT 613, which is in the Warehouse district downtown where the previous Danceism was and as well the Local Heroes Party. DIRECTIONS HERE


And of course I have some new goodies to get you ready for DANCEiSM this Friday. Throw on them dancing shoes LA, this show’s for you.




20 Responses to DANCEISM 9.4.09

  1. DeezNasty says:


  2. DeezNasty says:

    i dance dirty so the lil electro sluts know how i shag

  3. scow says:

    patrick swayze failed in '87.

  4. BIG L says:

    i gotta dance dirty cuz i dont know any other way to dance! GETTIN DIRTY IS GOOD FOR YOU <3

  5. Anonymous says:

    i dance dirty because who the fuck dances clean

  6. Rube a Dube says:

    because if i don't, the world will end in the most danceless way imaginable(i.e. Hard Summer). Your Welcome!

  7. Juicy says:

    I dance dirty so I can feel the beat throbbing in my C#*K!!

  8. Chace says:

    i dance dirty because dirty can't dance.

  9. basics says:

    i dance dirty because i d on't give a fuck who's watching. i get down..

  10. Afflicted Wolf says:

    Bopper Nation will be there, AC Slater, Felix cartal AND GDD all in one night…doesn't get any dirttier

  11. bamboo says:

    I gotta dance dirty cause it was a cruel, cruel summer and if we took some time to celebrate (just one day out of life) it would be so nice.

  12. Mr. Anderson says:

    dance dirty? more like i dance nerdy

  13. virus O says:

    [i dance dirty cuz i gotta get the gurliezzz]

  14. Dylan Franklin Charles Quateman says:

    i dance dirty because i'm so fresh

  15. DeezNasty says:

    i dance dirty because im prescribed to ecstasy

  16. Cam Francisco™ says:

    Deez wins.

  17. Subs says:

    FUCK A 25 entry fee. I saw AC SLATER + whole Trouble Bass crew for freezy
    not too long ago.

  18. djcrabhat says:

    i dance dirty cuz i listened to electronic music before daft punk played coachella

  19. Anonymous says:

    how sick is dj crabhat?

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