GDD™ presents The House Party at the Avalon with Junior Boys!

So GDD is back in action this Friday night for CONTROL at the Avalon with our neighbors from the north, Junior Boys. Once again we will be holding down The House Party in the Jerry Lewis room with our own ///BONES along with Serra, Josh Garcia, and other special guests. For any of you that couldn’t find the room last time, it is at the front right of the stage in between the main room and the smoking patio outside (Floor plan here. Look for blue townhouse). Please RSVP at or on Facebook to be on our guestlist and make sure you mention Gotta Dance Dirty at the door so you can pay the discounted price of 10$. We’re expecting this week to be big so please come out and show your support! For now, here are a couple of my favorite JB tracks.

I’ll also give away a pair of tickets as well to whoever can send the funniest joke in an email to I’m in a laughy mood today :) (sorry tickets have already been won)



4 Responses to GDD™ presents The House Party at the Avalon with Junior Boys!

  1. Sean Traust says:

    Love the blog….but these new CONTROL posters are weak. The ultra modern ones from a few months back were way dirtier

  2. Anonymous says:

    haha i agree, the designer left when destructo left to start the discotheque night… well at least the dance dirty boys are holding it down now!

  3. stevie.e says:

    I know what the fuck.

    we'll have to tell control to get the design genius of ///BONES to do the next one.

    thanks for the input and support though dudes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    you 3 wouldn't know your asshole from a hole in the ground. the new control flyers are up there with some of the best concert posters from decades past. thank god for a designer with some class. do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. :)

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