Storming the Bastille…

Bastille consists of Julien Benichou and Michael Ullman, two young producers from right here in the city of angels. They have been DJing for the past two years and have just recently released their first remix package that I have found to be very impressive. While sticking to their roots in electro-house, they also bring in inspired elements of progressive and French filter house to keep everyone on their toes. Check out these tunes and definitely keep an eye out for these lads this year.

Also, check out their blog, Apes With Barrels.



4 Responses to Storming the Bastille…

  1. You Don't Have to Love Me says:

    bastille ROCKS! i've been listening to these guys for a minute. they're great.

  2. Carl says:

    This crazy shit!

  3. Carl says:

    I already loved the Jackson 5 remix, but the Foreigner remix is some crazy shit!!!!

  4. The Beast King says:

    I knew them before they were famous… Michael's the man. Julian's a dick, but at least he's cute.

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