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  1. Anonymous says:

    that was the biggest joke ever. sorry gary richards you're done. couldnt even last two hours. people please dont be pissed at the fire marshalls for doing their jobs the promoters and organizers had months and months to do their jobs and make sure this went smoothly and they epicly, epicly failed. greedy bastards oversold the event…AHH SHITTT. change your birthday destructo YOU THREW A TERRIBLE PARTY!

  2. Andrew Pollard says:

    The only thing that was HARD about that show is knowing that I wasted my money on it! It couldn't even get to the halfway marker before everything was stopped. WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT THAT WAS

  3. stevie.e says:

    a sad day in the history of electronic music!

  4. nevadicalmcRadical says:

    I'm still lingering on the Jack Beats set earlier on before shit went sour. Fuck Hard, fuck Destructo, fuck the whole situation. In a perfect world we would get free HARD halloween tickets as compensation…

  5. DeezNasty says:

    they are refunding the tickets. Its not completely destructos fault, he was working with another company as well. But yes it did fucking suck, the place was set up like shit, it was oversold. I saw charge more for tickets, sell less tickets, and make it 21+, it would also weed out the sleezy fucks and the gangbangers.

    …also a great idea for the inglewood police department to make a bunch of rolling kids cruise home at 11, saw 2 accidents…

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