HARD summer shut down by LAPD in riot gear.

deeznasty’s picture pretty much sums tonight up. HARD’s levees finally reached capacity and burst. we caught Jack Beats at the underground stage (absolutely killed it), went to the mainstage for chromeo and waited…and waited…until our city’s finest marched in and absolutely killed it. we’ll have some videos for you once they’re uploaded in the morning, tonight was a mess. The Forum in Inglewood was overbooked, understaffed and broken up by the fire marshall as upset patrons dropped the 10 feet from the seats to the floor. fail.

on a brighter note, happy first birthday GDD (!)

keep it underground, keep the beats on and never trade quantity for quality. lesson learned?



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  2. F!ash says:

    That was a joke. I don't think they could have picked a worse venue for that. I can safely say Im not going to another HARD event unless the next one is free.

  3. Anonymous says:

    fucked up man. glad i didn't go to that and have to suffer the disappointment

  4. Cam Francisco™ says:

    *Inglewood PD

  5. ick nick says:


  6. Afflicted Wolf says:

    Man! So fucking lame. They totally fucked shit up that night, my brother drove from Las Vegas to that event, got his printed ticket traded for an admission ticket..it didn't scan correctly and they wouldn't let him in. It's no surprise that people climbed the fence and riot police came when shit like that went down. GG. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GDD!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Richards is not to blame. There were a few missteps in a tediously planned event, and they proved to be the most important. HARD will be back

  8. djwashington says:

    FUCK THE FORUM. I wasn't even there, but that venue is waaaaaaaaaay too small and LAME for an event that has potential to be bigger than it was (in my opinion). Why don't they have it at the colosseum??

  9. stevie.e says:

    exactly, such a massive lineup and such a downgrade for the venue.

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