Hervé = The Champ

Do you know who Hervé is? Besides being well known for producing some of the wobbliest and hardest tracks on the sphere, and performing at festivals and shows all around the globe…No, he also records as The Count, Voodoo Chilli, Action Man, Dead Soul Brothers, Speaker Junk and Young Lovers, and has a collab project called Machines Don’t Care. Must be a confusing life for the man we call Herve. His dub remix of “The Science of Fear” might be my favorite song right now.
.The Temper Trap – The Science of Fear (Hervé Dub Remix)
.Hervé – Who Da Champ



4 Responses to Hervé = The Champ

  1. ultimate Cowboy says:

    Yo What's up GDD!
    Thanks for posting these Herve tracks – that guys is on fire these days.

    I also love the header on your site.

  2. Jadyn Thomas says:

    Science of fear is fucking sick

  3. Afflicted Wolf says:


    Yo B Nation, Ill be up on Stage with Felix Da House Cat @avalon in Sep. Will you cats be there with me.

  4. Skipper says:

    Brilliant re-work of Champ

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