Kanye West – Paranoid (LMFAO Remix)

After the controversy surrounding our contemptuous review of LMFAO‘s latest single “Shots” and their ensuing reaction, I was sort of hoping, on account of being the self-satisfied prick I am, that their remix of “Paranoid” Kanye put up on his blog a bit ago would suck. Unfortunately for my ego, we’ve got ourselves a no-funny-business-straight-up-keg-of-bangerade. Fortunately for you, dear reader, and Redfoo & Sky Blu, refer to previous sentence. What would be a decent yet forgettable remix congeals into dirty territory at the 2:10 mark, when the song jumps off into an anthemic frenzy that got H.Wood all hot and bothered when ///BONES dropped it last night.

On the topic, last night was the first Dance Dirty Saturday that I was able to attend and I was more than satisfied with what we’ve cooked up. Cool crowd, lots of nooks to explore and room to dance, you can probably guess what it sounded like. ///BONES and Airwolf took turns thrashing the place, more big things to come, def. worth checking out if you’re near Hollywood. Very swanky place.
-Stevie Noble



10 Responses to Kanye West – Paranoid (LMFAO Remix)

  1. OH!MEGA says:

    Big energy.

  2. emilia says:

    i definitely like what they did there, but it's also very similar to what they did in their remix of boom boom pow by the black eyed peas, which i love. and the fact that that beat doesn't last for very long kind of sucks.

  3. DeezNasty says:

    i just want one of those jackets

  4. jonahberry says:

    LMFAO you have truly killed it on this one. i give you some HUGE props on making this song absolutely nutty. put it on a CD and its been playing nonstop in my car for the past two weeks. ask snevs and dirty d.

  5. The D of DNA says:

    LMFAO was cool from the start. Why insinuate that they weren't when you know how the game works? People start with creative genius then hit the mainstream for pay-o-la. Every single one of your favorite acts has done it or will do it in the near future.

  6. Cam Francisco™ says:

    You're right Derren, that Crookers remix of U2 was rather disappointing.

  7. stevie.e says:


    I was referring more to their reaction than their musical track record, I thought the fact that they commented was cool but what they said was pretty uncool, and I have a pretty strict no Lil John policy. I think this remix is great though, so in my book, they're cool after all.

    My book, my review, my love to you and your blog.

  8. troy! says:

    i'm still bitter that i get requested to play 'im in miami bitch' by some fat tourist bitch who happens to be 'in miami, bitch'

  9. Anonymous says:

    LMFAO just stop now. please. your hurting music

  10. The D of DNA says:

    LMFAO@No Lil' Jon Policy (Pun Intended).

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