Wish I was new in town…

pic: 8mts
Yep, I’ve missed out on all the great festivals all over the US of A recently. Heard EDC was ‘totally awesome’. My face has not melted due to an overload of distorted womp and screeching synths. Instead, I’ve had the flu, and the rain here in Miami is worse than herpes because this shit just won’t go away. Anyways, I posted this rad little poor man’s keyboard on my old blog [rip tktunz] and it’s definitely a surefire way to kill a few minutes.

I have another treat for you, and it’s like perfectly cooked marshmellow, crispy on the outside but super sweet and warm in the middle. Little Boots has one of the sexiest voices ever, and the Uk’s A1 Bassline destroys it with some serious bass. Drop The Lime, Fred Falke, and The Golden Filter also produced some great remixes, but I think this one takes the cake yall.
.Little Boots – New In Town (A1 Bassline Attack Mix)



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  1. lee mifsud says:

    Good track that.
    I really want one of those Tshirts.
    Alas, insufficient funds destroy my dreams.

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