Deadmau5 – More Ghosts N Whatever, I Remember Music Video

Here’s the edit of “Ghosts N Stuff” that Deadmau5 dropped on his last tour. Enjoy the inspiring and beautiful official video for “I Remember” as well, Joel’s first music video out. We love you Joel, great job!

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10 Responses to Deadmau5 – More Ghosts N Whatever, I Remember Music Video

  1. Nick says:

    I like the edit of ghost n' stuff, although he has quite a few of his other tracks which sounds the same, or pretty much are the same but with just different names for example: hi friend, bye friend, everything before, everything after, complications & secondary complications etc… this is no exception. And i must admit, the music video is a little bit below average!

  2. stevie.e says:

    absolutely not, nick. fail.

  3. Alexander says:

    total fail.

  4. sweet d says:


  5. nevadical McRadical says:

    his next track will be "pubes n stuff"

  6. LOVETHYBRO says:

    I found the music video to be a little boring too!

  7. Magic Franky says:

    I Like it but I think it sound much more like Justice or Chromeo than Deadmau5 itself. I prefer the original anyway.

  8. Anonymous says:

    this is a great remix, the originally is really only teased into the mix. chromeo are way weaker djs, having seen them back to back. and justice, well, that's the metal of dance music… late to the party

  9. Subs says:


  10. Umoo says:

    Wow, what another bang'n sensational tune from Z Deadmau5. I loved it so much, i decided to blog about it myself:

    Thanks guys, keep up the awesomeness of your posting!

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