stone cold rockstars.

courtesy: Holy Mountain Photography

So thanks to MS-DOS over at FVCV, I have found my new favorite remix of DIOYY’s “We Are Rockstars,” and it is by two DJ’s from Hollywood who go by the name of Cold Blank: Mr. Gaspar and Big Na$ty. They are currently releasing tracks on Nu Industry Recordings and Burn The Fire Records and recently came out with a pretty sick new production called “Left to Right”. For those of you that couldn’t afford EDC this year or are only going on Saturday, these guys will be playing in LA on Friday night along with Villains, Break Down, and more. Check em out.

PS If you are the girl in this picture you have an awesome tattoo.



3 Responses to stone cold rockstars.

  1. LOVETHYBRO says:

    stone cold rockstars are just plain stone cold! feelin the mix

  2. whatdanceparty says:

    that girl in the picture is my long lost twin haha

  3. The Holy Mountain says:

    thats my good friend alexandra from SF.

    she also has a tattoo of the inscription on the ring in the lord of the rings. awesome. haha

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