follow the golden fox.

After having an extremely late night last night, I’ve been in a very mellow mood all day and I stumbled across something truly amazing. The Golden Filter is an electro-dance duo out of New York and has released the single “Solid Gold” on Dummy Records in the United Kingdom. Their songs are incredibly soothing and inspire the imagination with soft, hypnotic synthesizers and Penelope’s beautiful vocals. If you are anywhere near the LA area, please check out their set at the Avalon with Treasure Fingers on July 3rd. Tune in.



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  1. LOVETHYBRO says:

    Great song! keep'em comin. gets me dancin dirty!

  2. Anonymous says:

    spotted these about 10 months ago & it's very slow progress but their songs are incredible, definately one to watch if they get a break!

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