Im a sucker for anything irie and mysterious.  Danger always rubs me in the right spot with his dark ominous flute tones and time traveling music.  I like to picture danger wearing a zortak jumpsuit flying out of a black hole and getting dirty on the decks.  And of coarse i’m in the front row Hammered drunk!  
If you ever stumble upon an opportunity to see his set live, i highly suggest you do…it’s a very intricate and layered… definitely outta this world.  I looked over to my left when i saw him last at avalon and i was standing next to none other than le castle vania who quoted “i love danger.”  Well we love danger too, so check it one time one time!
Do you want chills?  Do you want to experience something mystic?  Download these and find out.  If you missed my last posts on danger, they can be found here and here.
this would give estelle shivers 
mystic spin on the classic



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  1. BONES says:

    YOUR last posts? bahaha @_@

  2. DeezNasty says:

    hahah one of em was mine :)

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