Bohemian Rapper’s Tiger

This past month has seen the sudden revival of American classics remixed from the likes of France’s TEPR, Ireland’s Schizofonics, and Gotta Dance Dirty™ favorite Dirty Disco Youth.

*Warning* Not suitable for your parents who rocked out to the “original mixes” in a cherry red Chevy Camaro back in the day.

Dan the Automator – Rapper’s Delight (TEPR Remix)



7 Responses to Bohemian Rapper’s Tiger

  1. alex says:

    Bohemian rhapsody definetly isnt an american classic, its english through and through

  2. ms dos says:

    that remix of eye of the tiger is fckn terrible. get some production skills and stop releasing this trash

  3. info says:

    why can i only listen to this blog through hypemachine??

  4. Dr † Wrex says:

    ms dos – holly hate much! GDD sick blog kidz!!
    mucho love la cpt schit head…..

  5. Magic Franky says:

    I Love it so much… the remix keeps both the lyrics and the melody while giving the perfect "dirty twist" for the dancefloor.

    Instant Classic for me!

  6. alexfromtrash says:

    That's very Mr. Oizo of DDY

  7. Grant K says:

    A killer killer remix to bohemian rhapsody…dubstep style:

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