Tonight Is the Summer Launch Party for Collaborative Media’s “XOBESO” Thursdays @ Sutra, In Costa Mesa. I’ve talked with the partners and they have shown to have a killer lineup ahead for thursdays to come, and why not start it off with one of the captains of the LA dance scene. DIM MAK Collection is sponsoring the event, along side Brendan Thomas (The Closet), Mak Entertainment and 944 Magazine. Want free tix? himme’on my beepa. So come party with us. And come see Steve get down. “Woop! Woop!”

oh… and the bones summer heater mix up this weekend….




2 Responses to SUMMER LAUNCH: AOKI

  1. Bastille says:

    Steve Aoki is the male Paris Hilton

  2. e74 hardware error says:

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