Shot Down

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Thanks again to twitter, I stumbled upon the new LMFAO single featuring Lil’ Jon that debuted today on Southern California’s Power 106 radio station. Now I’ve always had a soft spot for LMFAO’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics and uptempo beats, but after one dose of its nauseatingly repetitive chorus, I realized that “Shots” sacrifices the lolz to be a serious club anthem and is a sharp departure from their previous material. Sorry fellas, but if the rest of your new album, “Party Rock,” is going to sound like “Shots,” then count me out.
Readers, can you back me up on this one, or am I just sippin’ on that Haterade?
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22 Responses to Shot Down

  1. F!ash says:

    I've been a pretty big fan of LMFAOs tracks for quite a while… but sweet merciful christ this is terrible. I will never drop this track. They're playing up here in SLO on Friday and now I'm terrified to go.

  2. stevie.e says:

    oh sweet jesus no.

  3. stevie.e says:

    big ups for posting at the same time f!ash. :)

  4. Redfoo says:

    If you have to ask if your hating…then your hating ;)….we love drinking shots with our friends when we party so we decided to make a song about it…love or hate it…but we will always continue to do what WE want to do…Party Rock July 7th -Foo

  5. Dan says:

    Cam, you're not sipping haterade, you're sipping decent music-taste-ade.

    Redfoo, props to you guys for carving out a niche and all, and i enjoyed your hijinks in an aluminum foil jumpsuit w/the crystal method at coachella. but i was on acid then, and i'm not now, and this song blows.

    that said, i can't wait till the fat lazer bass remixes start coming out of the woodwork.

  6. DeezNasty says:

    in the words of Charles Barkley, "TURRIBLE TURRIBLE CRAZY NUKKLEHEAD A TURRIBLE""

  7. Redfoo says:

    Ok Ok Ok… this is my last comment here cause this isn't constructive or even friendly…saying that a song I make blows or is terrible is disrespectful and silly…I can understand a song not being ones cup of tee but to say mean things about ones art isn't advice is to a least keep the shots mp3 in your serato or cd booklet for when a group of girls hound you all night to play it or when the club owner demands you play it or be replaced……Shots will be the biggest song in the clubs in the us this summer…maybe not at your suspicious toga party but up in the clubs baby babys…I think 4,000 downloads in 8 hours means something it either means 4,000 dj's are all crazy and have bad taste or your crazy and have the taste of sweet hater-aid on the tip of your Jealous tongues…Be honest with your self, get laid and chill back…and when we perform the song in SLO..I"ll pull F!ash up on stage so he can enjoy a shot with the crew…maybe increase his chances of getting laid that night :) -Foo

  8. Cam Francisco™ says:

    Redfoo, thanks for being a good sport :)

  9. F!ash says:

    I understand what you're going for, but this is just such a departure from the rest of your work, redfoo. I still can't make much sense of it. You're older stuff had a lot more musical merit relative to this track in my opinion. (You lost me on this one with lil johns repetitive yelling of shots) I might not have liked them all, but they were still pretty well produced, and got a good laugh from everyone (in a good way). Either way, I'm still hoping this was just lil john flexing his "creative" muscle on this one track so he can have another one word catch phrase to yell. I'm not loosing all faith given your past and that I've been promoting your stuff to everyone I know for a long time. Just don't trade in all "lolz for club anthems," you guys are funny and talented dudes, and I really hope you guys keep taking off!

    Cya in SLO, and I'll be submitting my La La La remix for the remix contest. :) have a good one.

  10. Joseph says:

    I've been rockin LMFAO in the club for over a year now. Me and my crew havn't missed on Show in San Diego. Seems to me this song is pure LMFAO. They have been singing about Drinking, Parting and getting laid since the begining. Song fits right in. We will be there tonight rocking the VIP as usual ready to drinks some shots when you guys rock the beat and the show in Diego. Trade in the Hate-r-aid for a Red bull and Vodka. Party on Big Pimp'in

  11. K. Marxxx says:

    "saying that a song I make blows or is terrible is disrespectful and silly"
    Really? Really? Art is not even close to being 100% subjective. No disrespect but Shots is a bad song, bottom line. Don't confuse criticism with the intent to be mean.

  12. K. Marxxx says:

    And step your game up.

  13. DJ Ember says:

    If nothing else bitches will be all over this

  14. Cee Block says:

    you guys are all wack, this track is F$#@in' bangin…….hypes the floor to the max every time I play it.

  15. Tyler says:

    for realz, i duno what all u haterz r goin onn about…this track is fuckin bangin. keep up the good work foo

  16. SL33pYH3AD says:

    i'm gonna put my neck on the line and say it gets better the more you listen to it….slick tune guys, i like.

  17. Anonymous says:

    SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSSS!! clasic lil jon with a nice touch from lmfao

  18. Anonymous says:

    Honestly the worst song i have heard in a long long time.

  19. Christian TEN says:

    As predicted by Red Foo, there was no way to get away from this chant whatever club I went to. Standing in line at XS in Vegas (waiting 45 min. for my 6 bottle table while Kevin Garnett only waited 20 min), the entourage of 17 women around my 5 dawgs and I, sporadically shouted out, "SHOTS! SHOTS! …SHOTS!SHOTS!SHOTS! …SHOTS!. And who followed? THE WHOLE CROWD! Amazing scene. Then, again, the next day inside REHAB and WET REPUBLIC. (Not to mention every club in LA)
    Then, again, this song was made for the "I go clubbing, at least, 2-3x a week" crowd= Hot chicks and big pimpin'.
    I don't think this song was meant to be SIRIUSMO's High Together. It was meant to get you F%$#ed up!

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