Foamo in Santa Barbara?

thanks to the boys of iv garb, uk fidget lord foamo is flying across the pond to perform this friday at uc santa barbara. crazy? yes. awesome? yes. southern california, if you want to avoid the swarms of kandi-coated ravers at electric daisy carnival and nocturnal to see foamo in an intimate setting, get your ass out here. opening support from dubsided newcomer and santa barbara local sticky k, whom i deejayed with at the infamous floatopia, and the iv garb deejays. until then, here’s a taste of the impending madness on campus.



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  1. Phil says:


    A little inside heads up. There MAY be a last minute venue change to an even better location, so I’d personally suggest waiting to buy your tickets at the door if it is indeed at the HUB.

    Foamo just boarded his flight and we’ll be picking up up at LAX in T-minus 12 hours!

  2. Ubbs says:

    That header you got on your page now is sickkkkk

  3. Demitri says:

    It was so much fun!

  4. Phil R says:

    AS really fucked this event with shitty sound, shitty lights, and canceled beer garden at the last minute.

    Despite all that, I still think Foamo killed it and I personally had a fucking blast. Thanks to everyone who came!

    Next up for IV Garb…EDC pre-party on a roof in Venice Beach with a very special British guest (starts with F and ends with O).

    All you GGDers better be there!

  5. Phil R says:

    (Gotta Gance Dirty’ers)

  6. DeezNasty says:

    give us the address!

  7. major iTunes says:

    Crookers @ iTunes:

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