Parallel Parallels


If you’re not familiar with Parallels, you better be. I have to say they have produced some of my favorite tracks from both 2008 and 2009 cosisting of “dry blood” and “Ghost Machines”. Combine a madonna-esq singer, the crystal castles live drummer, a delorian gunned to 88, a light up dance floor with way too much sugar boogers, and this is what you get. And i bloody love it!

Parallels – Reservoir, Marigold Session from Parallels on Vimeo.

And here we have thier two newest offerings, quite good if i dare say so myself, but then again i don’t know what you weirdos are into.

Parallels – Vienna
Detachments – The Flowers that fell (Parallels Remix)

The ultralight 12” is out May 11th, also show some support on their myspace here



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  1. Andy says:

    Detachments play at The Beat! on Fri 27th August with dj support from Andy Blake (Dissident/World Unknown), ZNTN, Simon A. Carr and The Beat! residents. FREE ENTRY!!

    Full info here:

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