still can’t stop the house.

Occasionally when we’re out I’ll put on my “ACID HAUS” shirt in hopes that someone will come and start talking to me about DJ Pierre or some shit that was happening in electronic music before I could walk. No takers yet, but a couple people have taken pictures of it and I get offended when they don’t include my face in the picture because I’m a pompous prick. Until I make more acid friends, artists like Kikumoto Allstars will have to tide me over with their reintroduction of the aesthetic.

“In the spirit of the original Chicago acid house of Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard and Adonis, and with the intensity of modern dance, comes the Kikumoto Allstars aka DJ/Producer Cam Farrar. Kikumoto Allstars holds a candle to the original house music with screaming acid basslines and melodic moments that made this pioneering dance music so great.

Kikumoto Allstars music is produced with all analogue synthesizers and drum machines including the famous Roland range (TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, SH-101, Juno range, JX-8P and of course the TB-303 which started the acid house revolution), paying homage to Tadao Kikumoto, the brains behind these now legendary machines.”

Kikumoto Allstars – House Music (Radio Edit)

(right click>save as to download)

Album drops in May, check out Kikumoto Allstars.



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