Sweet Tea

I don’t love men, but golly do i love these men. It’s rare that i stumble upon a new sound that i really really fucking dig. I dig it more than an ecstasy/viagra combo at the playboy mansion. Men consists of 2 le tigre members as well as JD samson, a member of the Peaches live band. So tune in and fuck the pain away! The best way to describe the sound is a tropical breeze of infuzed electro-indie dankness. Be on the look out because these guys will be the new in sound, so remember where you heard it first.

Men – Off Our Backs
Men – Credit Card Babie$
Men – Simultaneously
(all working again, sorry guys)



5 Responses to Sweet Tea

  1. Kevin says:

    Yo dude box.net is whack you need to get yourself dropbox or use mediafire cuz i love your posts but you’re always out of bandwidth and I can’t download the sweet songs you post

  2. mk says:

    cant download

    you got to host your tracks on iron dj it is free and has direct mp3 downloads, look for the disk icon…

  3. Anonymous says:

    seriously, gotta use mediafire or zippyshare. ur bandwidth’s up with box.

  4. Anonymous says:

    …or better yet any other site ( that also allows to hear it before downloading it.

  5. DeezNasty says:

    all the files are re-uped on mefia fire, check em out!

    sorry about the box.net

    the “•” before the download able files in our fine website are actually links as well. they are either “getdropbox.com,” “meidiafire.com,” “yousendit.com,” or “box.net”

    keep letting me know if something runs outta bandwith and ill get it right back up.

    thanks for the support! we’re glad you love the blog

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