Hey Playur, Hey Champ!

No doubt in my mind, Hey Champ are definitely champs. Winners at that. These guys happen to possess one of my favorite sounds of the moment. Hey Champ consists of Saam, Pete, and Jonathon, three homies that hail from Rockford, Illinois. They blend together Rock and Dance in thier productions as well as thier DJ sets. Their live show consists of all 3 members, while thier DJ sets consists of only Saam and Jonathon where they go by the name of Hey Champ DJs..similar to the layout of Soulwax/2manyDjs.

I highly recommend you check out all these songs as they are all gems. You will be a richer person with these fantastic sounds in your ears.

Hey Champ Productions:
Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (BOX)
Hey Champ – Face Control (BOX)

Hey Champ DJ Productions and Remixes:
Hey Champ DJs – Early Sensation (BOX)
Hey Champ DJs – Fallujah (BOX)
Yeasayer – Sunrise (Hey Champ Remix) (BOX)

Also check out their myspace here for concert listing as well as some dope ass shirts!



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  1. Charming Charles says:

    Yeasayer remix is the tits

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