new sidechains!

i know you all have heard of SIDECHAINS. he had an absolutely huge track last year of a madonna remix that i ended up hearing wherever i went, in addition to some excellent productions as well. well, thanks to Ministry of Sound, we have a brand new remix by the man from barcelona. it’s got a poppy feel to it with just enough bass in there. definitely has the potential to be a club hit in the next couple of months i’m thinking. click here to grab his single ‘monster house’ off of itunes.

MoS also gave us an absolutely face-smashing track by the up and coming producer from London, Slavedriver. you might need to put your seatbelts on before these nasty synths blow you away. no joke. safety first everyone.



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  1. RJ says:


    SLAVEDRIVER just tore my face off.
    can’t wait to DROP this shit

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