WMC is here in full force yall. Miami is loaded with big name dj’s, bedroom dj’s, bros wearing technics shirts claiming they’re dj’s, and groupies looking to get boned by dj’s (real or fake, itz all good). There has been no shortage of epic events, and if Ultra isn’t your scene, you can get down with your favorite groups in some small venues. Tonight I’ll be doin my thang at HEATHROW LOUNGE alongside electro legends such as D.I.M., Jokers of the Scene, Le Castle Vania, Toxic Avenger, and just found out Alan Braxe is rollin through too. If you’re reading this and you either live in Miami or are in town for WMC, you should swing by. I garauntee you it will be heaps dirty.

The Toxic Avenger – Poker Face (Lies in Disguise Remix) .
Muscles – The Lake (Jokers of the Scene Remix) .
Walter Meego – Through a Keyhole (Le Castle Vania Remix) .



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  1. ppil4 says:

    Through a Keyhole and Poker Face are so groovy and fun. I love it. Thanks!

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