back from sf with some goodies

truth be told, i stopped listening to mashups ever since i started hearing nothing but in mainstream clubs and rejecting requests for girl talk, but every so often, a talented dj/producer or two manages to change my mind.
what? did all that “warp” hype make you forget that this finally came out last week?



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  1. Sneaks says:

    I copped the oizo remix the morning it came out. People went apeshit when Busy P played it.

  2. stevie.e says:

    oh man that soulwax bit is a classic. I remember having all the as heard on radio soulwax’s burned and ready for leaving the junior parking lot some years ago.

  3. danosaur!! says:

    that is 100% not a soulwax/2many production.

    the quality is SHIT and nowhere near the quality those boys release. I doubt you’d even ever hear them play this out. its total shit.

  4. jonahberry says:

    bahaha. ya danosaur you must be right. your extreme knowledge of electronic music is exhibited through your exceptional posts on miley cyrus’s videos in reverse and extremely talented high school acappella versions of KIDS that everyone would be standing in line to hear. do some research buddy.

    ps: the 320kbps quality is absolute shit you’re right. any chance you have invented a 640kbps yet?

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