Hard13 turned out to be an outstanding show, and was successfully well put together for the ‘dazed’ crowd on only one main stage, avoiding the hassle of conflicting set times of so many greats that HARD Haunted Mansion demonstrated. Diplo of course was entertaining, and even had Lil’ Jon MC’ing for his set, which was both a good and bad thing. Boys Noize headlined and played for almost 2 hours, keeping the thousands in attendance under his electro spell of Goodies… but heres some of the songs that really stuck out for me as, well… “Party Starters” we’ll call em.

Shadow Dancer is a young up and coming artist on Boys Noize Records that stunned the crowd with alot of his own original tracks, giving a good blend of the Electronic Chainsaw that the Boys Noize crew is known for. This is my favorite and it got the crowd “GOIN SICK” (as our Troy Kurtz says)

Shadow Dancer – Soap

D.I.M. kept it heavy and savage like he does, and also paid homage to Boy 8-Bit, who had to cancel for a family matter. He Also dropped this version of Show Me Love that owned the crowd:

Robin S – Show Me Love 2009 (AC Slater Remix) link removed by request

LA RIOTS have been really stepping up their set lists and stage presence, which really proved them that night… heres one of their killer original jams they blared:

LA RIOTS – Kill Bill (YSI)

And in the Photo above, they Dropped the MGMT anthem along with hundreds of beach balls to drive the crowd crazy.

MGMT – Time To Pretend (BLOGULA Remix) (YSI)

EROL ALKAN was by far my favorite, droppin the nasty constantly with a tracklisting I am scouring the earth for right now… he ripped up alot of Alex Gopher, a personal favorite of mine. This new Gopher remix murdered:

Kid Sister – Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Remix) (YSI)
(BONES Highly Recommends)

AND….If You haven’t gotten the BONES SPRING BREAK Mixtape, Check it NOW cuz the Track listing is up!



4 Responses to 13 IS A LUCKY NUMBER

  1. NEWM!E* says:

    What the hell was the 1st track erol played. Not usually into drum n bass, but that shiz was pretty tight. THat and beach balls + blow up dolls + la riots = epic.

  2. okhelosir says:

    Erol Alkan was nutssss, are you going to post the track list when you grab it? Nice recap too btw.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was LA Riots who dropped the drum & bass track. It was a High Contrast remix of MGMT. LA Riots are both originally drum&bass DJs.

  4. stevie.e says:


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