K.I.T.T., alphabetacool, new royksopp

Kid Interacts Through Technology, aka George Miller, is a graphic designer and musician out of LA and a dear friend of GDD. He’s lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Britain, and has himself an ear for the classic cool gone experimental. Technical tinkerings, griding electro demons, a healthy dose of slicing and dicing (think SebastiAn), and a touch of nostalgia all come together into a cohesive whole that’s fresh and bold. I really dig it.

K.I.T.T. – Hey Doc
A massively infectious Beastie Boys remix with bits of Intergalactic, Ch-Check It Out and more. So dope.

K.I.T.T. – Eazy MF’in E vs Modeselektor
An unlikely marriage of two souls whose love and devotion for one another is, after a single listen, undeniable.

K.I.T.T. – Brontoscorpio
Finally homage is paid to the giant prehistoric sea scorpion that used to rule the earth. Never forget.

Alphabetacool – Trista Minimix
Alphabetacool is K.I.T.T. and Cosimo, an italian illustrator/dj/producer. They put this together a while back and it’s a very well mixed eleven-something minutes of electro and techno. I was kind of blown away by it …quick, dynamic and unrelenting.

Also, I finally snagged the new Royksopp album, Junior. After waiting this long, I’m quite pleased with these four:

Royksopp – The Girl And The Robot (Feat. Robyn)
Royksopp – This Must Be It (Feat. Karin Dreijer)
Royksopp – Miss It So Much (Feat. Lykke Li)
Roysksopp – Tricky Tricky (Feat. Karin Dreijer)


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