SB2k9: Let’s get naked

Holy moley, I totally didn’t even think I was gonna make it this far! A couple days ago I thought that all the tests, papers, and mindless projects were going to make me miss my favorite time to scope some babes. Nevertheless, I survived…my reward? Thousands upon thousands of boobs all over the place. I was asked by multiple homies to put together a CD for their spring break vaca’s, but with the economy and all that (and my lazy ass not wanting to burn any CDs), I slopped together a couple cruisey songs for you to get drunk to, to dance to, to bone to, to creep to, to _________ to. Go get weird. You deserve it.

ps download mistuh bones’ SB mix if you already haven’t, it pwns mine

Troy Kurtz! – SB2k9 “I just want to cop a feel” mix



2 Responses to SB2k9: Let’s get naked

  1. Cytheria says:

    Microbikini hot dance video

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we have a tracklist parlease?


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