INTERVIEW: the Disco Villains

another exclusive interview from GDD! this time we got Tony Edit and Louie Fresco, also known as the Disco Villains. as many of you know, they have been blowing up this year with their wicked remixes and excellent musical abilities and lucky for me, i got to ask them some questions about it. here it is:

GDD: Alright, so let’s get it started. Just out of tradition (and curiosity), what’s your guys’ usual drink order while doing a show?
Louie: Rat Poison
Tony: Crown Royal + Red Bull x five hour powers = The DVs goin insane.
GDD: As two separate artists doing your own thing for a while, what made you guys decide to come together to form the Disco Villains? And why the Disco Villains and not the Disco Heroes?
Louie: I don’t really know why…I just remember Tony dropping a few names for this project, and when he came up with “The Disco Villains” I felt I just had to be in that band.
Tony: I know Louie tells me all the time if it wasn’t for the name Disco Villains we probably wouldn’t have done this. I was sitting with our friend Tad and I started listening to Anita Ward’s- Ring My Bell and I thought, yo imagine if there was like some evil guys playing disco tracks, therefore the Disco Villains. Plus, there can be variations like the Villains of Disco, which actually soundz kinda B.A.
GDD: Do you guys like the bad guys in movies?
Louie: Yeah…especially when they wear a bikini…and have boobs…
Tony: Hells yeah man, they always make the movie more interesting without bad guys there wouldn’t be a movie.
GDD: Who is your favorite villain of all time?
Louie: Dr. Evil
Tony: The Joker in the Dark Knight or Plankton from Spongebob.
GDD: Since last summer, you guys have been blowing up the hype machine and even had a piece about you on Rolling Stone’s website. How huge was it for blogs to pick you guys up and promote your stuff?
Louie: It was huge…maybe the biggest part of our success…we’ve had theluck to be in a lot of awesome blogs managed by great people…we check the blogs almost every single day and we save every link on a text doc on my computer. I gotta thank Kyle from Hot Biscuits cuz he was the first to introduce us to the blogosphere and it has been great.
Tony: I’d say that blogs and our energetic/ exciting live shows have been the key to success, also we try to stay positive and be positive towards everyone we interact with. As the Dans say, Give Love Get Love. The blog world has treated us really good and we are really happy about that. It has led to so many opportunities. We definitely check all the blogs on the daily and we most def. gotta thank Kyle at the Hot Bizzle for putting us out there. Hypem is most definitely one of the best things to happen to music in a really long time and has allowed people who didn’t know about blogs to experience new music and gave up and coming blogs/artists a new venue to get their stuff out.
GDD: You guys have so many epic remixes of some great songs. Which one was your favorite to produce? Favorite one to drop live?
Louie: I would say “We Are Your Friends” cause I never intended to remix any major acts like Justice…it came outta nowhere and it blew up really good. I remember I was looking for a decent indie rock-ish acappella but couldn’t find anything I liked, so I kept searching and there was with big bold letters the name of JUSTICE…and I thought “Fuck it, I’ll play with WAYF for a while.” The song was finished in less than 4 hours, and it’s my favorite track to spin.
Tony: This is a tough question man I have a bunch of favorites: I really like Sexy Neon Wine, Move Bitch, and All That She Wants, but We Are Your Friends is awesome. I heard that shit at the gym the other day on some guy’s mixtape for a radio station in Vegas it was awesome. Dropping that track always gets the party goin. I also really like the medley we did as an intro for our B-Day Vash, we gotta thank the KrzyFckrs for that.
GDD: I know you’ve played with some big names already like Crookers and Lazaro Casanova. Who have you guys always wanted to play with that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Louie: Wow…the list could go on forever…but I would really like to spin with the Bloody Beetroots cuz I think we share the same energy on stage, and I know they’re really cool guys to hang out with, and of course MSTRKRFT, cuz they’re the ones who made me wanna be a DJ.
Tony: Shit, that list is insane. I would love to spin with the Beetroots cuz we do kinda have the same style and energy plus they are really good people. Spinning with or opening up for Justice would be a dream come true. I’d really love playing with MSTRKRFT and maybe someone like Fake Blood or Soulwax.
GDD: So how stoked are you guys to get to open up for Boys Noize this week down in Mexicali on your own turf? Should be an amazing show…
Louie: I’m more stoked than the first time I heard about Viagra…haha…on the real, we’re so excited cuz you know, it’s THE Boys Noize, and we heard he’s looking for talent for his record label, so we’ll try to put our best show on, with exclusive remixes and a good set.
Tony: Damn, Louie is pretty stoked cuz he was really excited for Viagra! Yeah we are really excited considering that we heard he was looking for talent, I mean everything we have done since last summer we have done by ourselves no management, no labels, nothing its been kinda hard but we realize that we gotta put in the work and I feel like we have. We are putting in some work for this show, we have been thinking about enhancing our live show soon so we are gonna make sure this party goes off.
GDD: So other than you guys, of course, what other up and coming electro artists do you see getting big in 2009? Any favorites of yours?
Louie: Bird Peterson was on my shortlist, and he’s definitely gonna be bigger than he is this year. A1 Bassline is one of our good friends and my personal favorite producer right now…I have a lot of faith in our boys Shark Attack from San Diego and of course our homies from LAZRTag…I love their stuff.
Tony: Yeah the Boy Bird Peterson has been killing them softly and so has A1 Bassline, both of which are friends of ours and, like Louie, they are two of my favs. I’m really digging Fake Blood right now too…obviously our boys from Cali, LAZRTag and Shark Attack from Diego are doing great things, plus we really dig Designer Drugs as well.
GDD: So should the fans of the Disco Villains be expecting any new stuff this month? Maybe another nasty remix or two?
Louie: What kind of question is that dude??? You know this mang! haha yeah i’m actually working my ass off with 6 new remixes and 2 original tracks. One of them is gonna be our first original track released under Dirty Disco Youth’s new label. It’s called “We Just Came to Get the Party Started”…I’m just gonna say that it will make even my grandma dance!
Tony: We are gonna have insane stuff coming out soon. Get the Party Started is mental it is literally a face melter it’s got such kick ass bass line and the synth work is crazy. We got a remix for FutureFlashs called Get Down The Funk that is also crazy, it has the reggaeton air horns which I love. The FutureFlashs remix will be available on Beatport soon.
GDD: Do you think we will see a Disco Villains album get out any time soon?
Louie: Hopefully yes…I will throw a garage sale and Tony will have to sell his new Mercedes to make some extra cash for the album…
Tony: We would love to release an album but fuck that I’m not selling my Mercedes I just got that shit Louie…I could use the cash though.
GDD: I know a Euro tour is in the works in a couple months. Any main spots that you would really like to see/play? You know we’ll have to grab a pint or two when you guys get into London…
Louie: U betcha! We’re definitely stoked to play in all of our dates, but especially on Culture Club (if they decided on making this happen!)…but come on Paris, London, Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, Austria, Ireland?? It’s gonna be a thrill.
Tony: I really wanna go to Paris and Italy. Those two plus Australia are the spots I definitely want to visit. I hope it happens. Like I said without management and a label it’s kinda hard to make these things happen I can’t wait till it works out though.
GDD: Alright one last thing. What do you guys think about dancing dirty? Do you agree with us that you just gotta?
Louie: Call me Patrick Swayze, dude…I just love it!
Tony: I did me some Dirty Dancing last weekend! it’s definitely a must at our parties…Louie would be Swayze if Patrick has beautiful blue eyes (just had to plug Louie’s beautiful eyes…no homo) and I wanna thank Jonah for giving us this opportunity and for posting our music…thanx man.
GDD: Not a problem at all fellas thanks for taking the time to do this. We wish you much success in 2009 and with the stuff you’re talking about releasing I can only see you guys getting bigger and bigger. Have a good one this weekend down in Mexicali!

here are a few tracks to get you all further acquainted…



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