Ladies, Gents, & The Protist

Straight up, this isn’t fist pumping blog house. Don’t read if you’re just looking to increase your hipster score so you can drop Bloody Beetroots and Justice in the same sentence this weekend. And this certainly isn’t a god damn MGMT cover. Instead, this is just… The Protist.

Cumulus by The Protist from the Protist on Vimeo.
little bio from their myspace,
The Protist was formed in 2007 by brothers Matt and Justin Kleiner, with the simple intention of it being a channel for their creative output. With both brothers having a background in music, visual art, and design, The Protist is a fusion of all those disciplines. Their focus is to create works that cross and combine mediums, while retaining a unified vision that ties everything together.

The Kleiner brothers (there’s also Ryan, a great artist, musician, and surfer) began their claim to fame when they created the idea for an surf apparel company infused with pictures and sound. That idea devolped a strong following in the surf industry, and also enjoyed a strong appreciation for their creativeness went that breached far outside the realm of the often narrow-minded surf culture.

Matt Kleiner’s first big break happened when he moved from my small hometown of Vero Beach, Florida to Santa Barbara after a few years of college. His strong love for all things surfing brought him West, and that eventually led him into his huge involvement with the acclaimed surf video Change The Subject. The success the surf flic put Kleiner in the same field as more famous filmmakers and editors such as Taylor Steele. But it wasn’t just the world-class surfing that could have been found in tens of other surf movies, it was the story, the pictures, and the sound that grabbed the viewer.

Youngist brother Justin spent the past few years in San Francisco producing songs under his own name at first, and his brother Matt used a few of his songs on later surf movies. He released an EP called “An Encapsulated Message”, which had an ethereal and haunting electronica theme in every song. I couldn’t pinpoint if I could relate it to anything I’d heard before, and even tried to figure out if I liked it.

But fast forward to the present where a few years of experience and brainstorming fermented into both brothers developing a sound thats like throwing M83, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and your favorite weird three word band in a blender. I guess you could describe it as electronic, but this sure ain’t your standard 4X4 hi-clap banger. That doesn’t mean it still can’t be dirty. Dark and droning distortion rides along all over the pings and beeps on their EP Persona, which comes out March 9th. Now that they’ve finished recording, look for them to be popping up around their hometown of Santa Barbara, and maybe even spot them around the cluttered streets of IV. But who knows if we’ll even see more from them. From what I know about them, they’ll probably be opening up art galleries in Paris in 2k10.

-Troy Kurtz
The Protist – Archipelago
The Protist- Black Smoke

The Protist



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to find people still trying to find that ever elusive new sound…Protist seem to be very influenced by the likes of Aphex Twin, Paul Hartnoll, Howie B and Eat Static to name but a few. Looking forward to their next release with anticipation.
    Great post.

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    also, my word verification for this comment was “hobitarr.” dibsies.

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