Daaaaa-aaaaang!!! New stuff by Don Diablo, B.Noize, Beetroots, Royksopp, Crookers + MORE!

Hi babies. Set phasers to nom-nom-nom because I’ve got all fucking kinds of goodies for you to gobble up tonight.

Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix) (YSI)
This is the closest he’s come to capturing the dark, hypnotic and brain-busting vibe of his live act. Keep it away from your playlists…you’ll just end up going back to hear it again and it’ll totally fuck up the rotation.

Crookers – Big Club/Fat Ass (YSI)
Exactly what the title implies.

Tiga – Mind Dimension (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (YSI)
Mind Dimension, Beetroots…need I say more?

Mason – You Make Me Wanna Dance (Don Diablo Remix) (YSI)
Don gets Mason extra chunky and super funky.

Don Diablo – Get on the floor (Don Diablo’s just begun edit) (YSI)
Don sent us these songs and they’re just like everything else he’s sent us…wonderful. When does this man sleep?

Sound Of Stereo – Heads Up (Mighty Fools Remix) (YSI)
Banger. Straight up bangeranger.

Jan Driver – Rat Alert (YSI)
Another banger you’ll be hearing more of.

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Daz The Dominant Remix)
I opened my set on Saturday with this and the elephant sized sub I was playing off of just about ripped the balcony apart. Fun, hey!

Justice – We Are Your Friends (Scottie B, King Tutt, Samir Remix) (YSI)
I’ve been looking for this song for ages, ever since I heard Sebastian play it in his Pig Party set.

And a couple little bonus previews for being such a loyal GDD warrior:

The Proxy – Raven (Crookers Remix 128kbps rip) (YSI)
This is a radio rip from BBC, we’ll get you the proper track once it’s out, promise.

Royksopp – Tricky Tricky (feat. Karin Dreijer Preview) (YSI)
And finally, this is a preview of a new, unreleased Royksopp track featuring the brilliant Karin Dreijer (The Knife). Ahhhh, I know it’s such a tease, so sorry to blueball you.



9 Responses to Daaaaa-aaaaang!!! New stuff by Don Diablo, B.Noize, Beetroots, Royksopp, Crookers + MORE!

  1. castlesofnoise.blogspot.com says:

    great list dude! thats half a set list right there!

    p.s – i got the new bloody beetroots remix of ‘heads up’ posted up for ya’ll if you want it.
    (sorry to just chuck that on your blog n all, by i ain’t on hypem, so need all the help i can get)

  2. Ubbs says:

    I’ll race you for the proxy/crookers mix… as in a proper 320Kbps up first!

    that we are your friends mix is a classic, 2007?

    also personally im a bit over don diablo hey.


  3. stevie.e says:

    I accept your challenge ubbsey! I’ll have to see if GDD’s new BFF, destructo, can help 😉 😉 😉

    I could never find it for some reason, ever since I heard Sebastian throw it in with samir’s theme, I was in love.

    And as long as Don Diablo keeps sending us good stuff and making our lives easy, we’re gonna keep supporting him.

    And castlesofnoise, thanks for the kind words! Email us, we’d love to work something out with you!

  4. jax says:

    crookers and proxy are over rated in my book

    i totally don’t rate that remix soz dude


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  6. stevie.e says:

    web sheriff,

    please email us.


  7. Belinsky says:

    Must get non-radio 1 cut of the Crookers remix of Raven…

  8. Belinsky says:

    The Crookers Raven remix is absolutely ill. You ever gonna get the real thing? I’ve been waiting for over a month now!

  9. major iTunes says:

    Crookers @ iTunes: http://bit.ly/qaPSN

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