Bang Bang Volume III

ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce to you a brand new mixtape put together by one of my best friends DJ Cam Francisco and his partner in crime, Barrett LaCapria. These two masterminds have come up with a brilliant CD release mix for BANG BANG out of santa barbara, california. Bang Bang has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene in downtown santa barbara and have made their mark in numerous venues in los angeles as well. with a perfect blend of art, music, and fashion, Bang Bang has created quite a name for itself in the past year+, and i would expect a lot more out of this group of talented people in the year to come. if you have a facebook, become a fan to get some good updates if you are in the SB/LA area. so download this mix, twist those knobs up, and enjoy some good electronic music from some good friends.

direct link-right click and “download linked file”



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  1. Anonymous says:

    tracklist for cam’s tasty treat v. III?

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