Relax. Don’t Do It.

Stop. Take a deep breath. It’s almost over. Winter break is right around the corner. So, stop what you’re doing, and watch this video.

Crystal Castles – Air War from thee kip on Vimeo.

I just spent the past hour reading all these articles about crystal castles stealing all their music from these weird gameboy 8bit …tunes? This one dude ‘lo-bat’ is freaking out because his shit’s lame and crystal castles took their samples, used them in a few songs (which sounded a whole lot better than lo-bat), but never sold them. wah wah wah. Buuttt I also came across the vocals for ‘air war’, and the original is freakin awesome (and by awesome i mean what it must sound like inside the mind of someone who has gone insane). i’ve been so kind as to upload it for you. Sorry for my rant about all things crystal castles, but i’ve been writing papers and reading essays for the past few days. ok i’m going to bed now.

luciano berio – thema (omaggio a joyce)



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