Parallel Castles

So ive seen Crystal Castles twice, both times were ended abruptly by alice’s puke which probably consisted of too much jack d and makeup. Kinda sucky i never got to see a full show, but who am i to judge? i myself have prayed to the porcelain god on many occasions.

I guess Cam Findlay (the drummer of crystal castles) has been a little bothered by this and has embarked on his own side project. Something a little more mature, with the voice holly dodson. She sounds like an early day madonna, said in the best way possible. This “side project” might slowly become his main project, and heres why:

CORRECTION: Parallels is not a side project of Cam Findlay. Apologies to all for our inaccuracy.

Parallels – Reservoir (demo)
Parallels – Ultralight



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