The kids Don’t Stand a Chance

in todays modern society, i am both completely stoked on the future as well as somewhat scared. we are a bunch of crazy mother fuckers enthused on sex drugs and rock and roll. but, I wouldn’t have it any other way…

newly added: Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Teenagers Remix)
The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose to Give it (boy 8-bit Version)
Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Sinden Remix)
Grafton Primary – She Knows It (Kap10Kurt Remix)
Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix)
The Virgins – Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)

And heres some bloody beatroots at I love Techno 2008…they start out with thier mindimention remix and then into My people! Enjoy!



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