First Post!

hey everybody. so i’ve been doing a ton of blogging lately so i thought it was about time to start one of my own. i’ll be throwing some good bangers and bruisers up here each week that i hope you will all appreciate. for now i’ll just throw a few tracks that have been constantly repeated in my car, ipod, head, etc. enjoy!

so i’m not a lil’ wayne fan at all but this track hits harder than any i have heard in a while. just wait for the beat to drop and you might have the urge to hump whatever speaker you are closest to.

here’s another banger that i have been obsessed with. Moby plays it in a lot of his DJ sets and it definitely gets the blood pumping. check it out.

these next couple songs/remixes are by some of our favorite boys from Italy that have been shredding up the electro scene lately. i actually just saw them at HARDfest a couple weeks ago and they absolutely killed it. i would definitely say that the electronic music coming out of Italy lately has been terriffic, but i suppose you can’t really go wrong with guys like the bloody beetroots, crookers, and federico franchi rockin your headphones.

and finally, since I am attending Lovefest in the city of angels tonight, I thought I would throw some of my favorite remixes from a couple artists performing:

i’ll be trying to throw some posts with brand new songs at you soon i just wanted to get this started with some goodies. have a good weekend people.



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